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Role Play & Social Skills

  • Alphabet Match

    Alphabet Match

    Learn the letters of the alphabet by matching the simple picture cards with the letters. Only the co..

    Availability: In Stock
  • Animal Rescue Shape Sorting Truck

    Animal Rescue Shape Sorting Truck

    Join the two animal rangers on their safari adventure! The safari rescue truck contains 7 slots for ..

    Availability: In Stock
  • Birthday Cake Playset

    Birthday Cake Playset

    Looking for inspiration for a birthday gift? Every day is a celebration with this birthday..

    Availability: In Stock
  • Car Transporter

    Car Transporter

    This bright Car Transporter is perfect for any young vehicle enthusiast. The upper level lowers down..

    Availability: In Stock
  • Checkout Register

    Checkout Register

    This sturdy wooden till comes complete with a card reader, scanner and play money. Great for maths g..

    Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Chef's Choice Play Food Set

    Chef's Choice Play Food Set

    Wooden Play food collection by Hape toys. Includes everything your little chef needs to cook a tasty..

    Availability: In Stock
  • Colour Flap Mirror

    Colour Flap Mirror

    Suitable from 9 months this shiny shatterproof mirror is contained behind four colourful wooden flap..

    Availability: In Stock
  • Crazy Chefs

    Crazy Chefs

    Help the chefs collect everything they need to make a meal. Then grab your plate and wait for your d..

    Availability: In Stock
  • Curved Switching Tracks

    Curved Switching Tracks

    These make it possible to extend the track and make it go in another direction. Switches are co..

    Availability: In Stock
  • Cutting Food

    Cutting Food

    This wooden play food set is great fun for little chefs! It includes eight pieces of woode..

    Availability: Out Of Stock
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  • Eye Spies

    Eye Spies

    Look at the world through a new perspective with a Hape Eye Spies kaliedoscope. ..

    Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Farm Snap

    Farm Snap

    Play snap or pairs with this fun first card game. 48 sturdy cards with a farm animal theme. Ages:..

    Availability: In Stock
  • Farmyard Friends

    Farmyard Friends

    Match, sort and post your favourite farmyard friends. Increase the challenges as you learn. Ages:..

    Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Fire Engine Playset

    Fire Engine Playset

    Young heroes will love helping the firefighters lift the ladder, unroll the hose, and save the day!&..

    Availability: In Stock
  • Fix it Toolbox

    Fix it Toolbox

    This take along set contains everything your little builder needs.An ideal introduction into co..

    Availability: In Stock
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